Here are some GREAT habits to keep me in good nick and make me last as long as possible.

Im not invincible to tugging, pulling and yanking!!! Take care when pulling me on or off.

Rinse me after every swim in cool, fresh water. NO hot water please.

Just like you, the sun damages and ages me. Please dry me in the shade. Lie me flat or fold me over a thick hanger to drip dry. Preferably turned inside out to save my beautiful skin from fading.

Keep me away from sharp objects, like fingernails or jagged rocks. These can damage me.

As important as suncream is, it can stain and damage any type of waterwear. Try to put it on and let it soak in before getting into your wetsuit.

The worst thing you can do to your wetsuit is to leave it in a crumpled heap or somewhere hot. It makes us cry to think of that happening to one of our wetties.

Please don’t pee in me. Resist the temptation.

PS: Surf wax does stick to neoprene. Fact. Get over it and enjoy the fun !!!

Please don’t just toss me away when Im old/small. Hand me down to someone or send me back to Meraki to be recycled. We will give you 10% off your next wettie when ordering online.