Neoprene doesn’t love the sun. If left out in the sun your print will start to fade over time, and the neoprene will eventually become brittle. Even when drying, do so inside out, and out of direct sunlight.

  • The short answer is – there is no easy way!! But here are a few tips to make sure you get a good fit:
  • Begin at the feet (!). Work the material upwards in each leg towards the crotch.
  • Once the wetsuit is all the way up (there isn’t a gap between your body and the wetsuit at your waist), begin putting your arms in the sleeves.
  • Adjust the arms by working any extra material beginning at the wrists up into your shoulders. There shouldn’t be any air pockets (gaps between your wetsuit and your armpit) in either armpit of the suit; this can be checked by feeling under your armpit to determine whether or not the suit is flush against your skin. If there are any air pockets, you must work more of the arm material into your shoulder starting from your wrist.
  • One hand should always grasp the base of the zipper while the second hand zips your wetsuit up. This will help preserve the life of your zipper and prevent it breaking off or coming apart.
  • Once your wetsuit is zipped up, bend forward and pull the folds near your tummy out away from your body. Work the folds up from there into your shoulders to increase comfort in your shoulder and neck area. Repeat if you feel pressure at the front of your neck.
  • Our wetties and cozzies can be used in all water conditions.
  • Avoid too much heat, sunlight exposure, sharp objects, and unnecessary folding.
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water after each use; hang to dry inside out on a fat hanger (fold your wetsuit over the hanger like a pair of pants; do not hang your wetsuit like a shirt – this causes excess wear and tear on the shoulders of the wetsuit).
    • If necessary, your wetsuit can be washed by hand with a wetsuit specific shampoo. Never dry your wetsuit in a dryer or in the sun.
    • Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight

Your wetsuit probably smells because you peed in it and haven’t washed it. Everybody pees in their suit, (no need to be embarrassed or deny it), but not everyone takes the time to properly clean it. There are a few other factors though, including body odour or not allowing your suit to dry properly (we don’t recommend scrunching up your suit and leaving it in your hot car). All you need to do is give your suit a fresh water rinse and hang dry out of direct sunlight. If your suit needs extra care, use a wetsuit shampoo which will kill the stinky bacteria.