Wetsuit Wash

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From time to time, your wetsuit needs a wash! Body odour, lack of drying out completely, being folded up in a bag (don’t do this – it hurts the neoprene and stinks the place out!) or being peed in. Yip, you know you did!

Our biodegradable wetsuit wash is the perfect answer. Use a small amount (a small capful or so – don’t use too much or your wetsuit will be left with a soapy residue which is almost as bad as peeing in it!

Dissolve the wetsuit wash in some cold water (just enough to submerge the suit) and leave the wetsuit to soak – about enough time to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV drama. Gently rub any areas that may have marks. Rinse thoroughly – the shower or outside hose is a great option!

Dry wetsuit inside out, away from direct sunlight and your suit will be (almost) as good as new.

PLEASE NOTE: this is ONLY for handwashing. Wetsuits should NEVER go in the washing machine for any reason whatsoever!

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